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Women's Club


As members of Our Lady of the Rosary Women’s Club (FIAT) we will draw on our God-given abilities and resources to make Our Lady of the Rosary Parish a place of comfort for those who are here and a place of welcome for those who visit us.  Our service to the community will be evident in the efforts of our members to promote the good of the parish, welcome parishioners and visitors, maintain the gardens, and join in fundraising efforts to serve the diverse and ever-changing needs of parish life.  To accomplish this, we will work under the direction of the Pastor, and, with one another, in a respectful and charitable manner using as our model the devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mother.

The purpose of this organization is to develop and foster a relationship between members of FIAT to enrich their lives and their relationship of service to the parish and parish community.  

Members of FIAT serve the parish, at the Pastor’s discretion and with his approval, for the following functions/activities/events:

Any female twenty-one years of age or older is eligible for membership.  Members are encouraged to attend regular FIAT meetings, but not required.  However, to be considered a member in good standing a FIAT member must participate in at least three events each year.  These events are listed in Section 2.   

FIAT will conduct regular meetings, every other month, on the 1st Tuesday of that month.  Meetings are held at 6:30pm in the Parish Office.  The Chairwoman has the discretion (in consultation with the Pastor) to cancel a meeting.  A quorum vote is required for approval of any FIAT business and/or projects/events.

DUES:  There are no membership dues.
If additional information is needed, please contact Elaine Gootee, pegoot@cox.net, or, the Parish Office at 504-488-2659.

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