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Confession: Saturday: 3-3:45pm/Sunday:5:15-5:45pm

Register as a Parishioner

Registering as a parishioner is a commitment to being part of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.   Being a registered parishioner eases the process for receiving the Sacraments, sponsoring a Sacrament recipient (i.e., Baptism, Confirmation), scheduling for the Sacrament of Marriage, receiving Communion for the Homebound, requesting School Vouchers, and, in Funeral planning. 

What does parish registration mean?

It is the expression of intention to participate in the life of the parish community. It should indicate willingness to:

Please contact the Parish Office at 504-488-2659, by email, office@ourladyoftherosary-no.com, or by fax, 504-488-6741.  Office hours are 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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